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A look at the brand behind the best selling Motorpool Pants, a fusion of vintage military cargos and motorcycle styling. 

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Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows how uncomfortable riding gear can be. Not only can it restrict your movement forcing you to walk funny it can also look well, ugly.

Established in 2004, UglyBros was born from a desire to fuse protective motorcycle gear with high-end fashion. 

With an extensive history in product design in the denim jean industry and a passion for motorcycles, UglyBros was well positioned to create what they call ‘Premium Lifestyle Motowear’. 

The brand set about designing a new range of garments that looks just as good around town as it does on a bike. Practical high street fashion fused with practicality and high-tech protection.

UglyBros chose to avoid working with mass-market production factories and instead focused on style, quality of materials and meticulous construction from their custom factory. 

Best Seller: Motorpool


After more than a decade of making high-quality motorcycle inspired garments in a niche market, UglyBros decided it was time to introduce its motowear to North America and the rest of the world.

Subsequently, the Motorpool pants have become the brands' best sellers and like any great design, spawned a myriad of imitators and cheap Chinese knockoffs. 


Genuine Motorpool are crafted from 11oz heavyweight denim with slight stretch for comfort (97% Cotton, 3% Elastane). 

The pants are a slim, straight fit with elastic accordion panels on knees and lower back for an unimpeded range of movement. The denim is reassuringly thick, triple stitched and provides confidence while riding.


Removable ‘Powertector’ CE approved armor is provided for knees & hips, while quality YKK zippers complete the package. The Motorpool is available for both women and men in Olive, Black or Camo


Rather than trying to be all things to all people, UglyBros is primarily focused on pants and riding jeans, with a wide range of quality heavyweight denim and Kevlar options.

The brand’s best selling Motorpool pants are available for men and women and look just as good on both. UglyBros also has a range of very comfortable skinny fit riding jeans for Women. 

How To Spot A Fake?


If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, UglyBros is receiving a lot of compliments. Numerous wholesale suppliers have been quick to try and copy the design.


Let's take a look at the key identifiers so you don't end up with a fake.

1. The patch label. On the back of your UglyBros Motorpool pants is a label similar to the one on most jeans. Trace your finger around the stitching on this label. If there is any part of the label sticking out past the stitching, it is a fake. 


2. The second indicator is single stitching versus double & triple stitching. Turn the pants inside out. If the stitching inside is not double or triple, it is a fake. 


3. The third indicator is the threads. FakeUglyBros tend to have loose threads everywhere inside the pants. 


4. The elastic accordion panels on the fakes are not as stretchy as the original and will lose their elastic properties over time. The fakes have loose threads in and around the accordion panel.


5. All genuine UglyBros armor is CE certified, while the fakes are not and exhibit a more plastic in look and feel. 


6. UglyBros will ship from the US, not from China. 

7. The easiest way to spot a fake is the price. A genuine pair of UglyBros should be around the US$300 - US$340 mark. Fakes tend to retail around $100. 


In reviews available online people have reported UglyBros Motorpool as being more practical than standard motorcycle gear. Many users remove the armor and wear them as casual cargo pants, when not on a bike. 


Owners have also commented on how comfortable the pants are when riding. You can't please everyone however and some motorcyclists have commented that they are as protective as some pants on the market. It's a trade-off. Upgraded CE armor can be installed in these pants to increase protection if need be.

The entire UglyBros range demonstrates great attention to detail and quality of workmanship. They are focused on riding pants and jeans that all marry style, practicality, and protection.

While their bestselling Motorpool pants may not be the most protective motorcycle pants money can buy, they may be the most at home on the high street.

UglyBros Motorpool is perfectly suited to the new trend of 'modern classic motorcycles' (motorcycles that look retro but have contemporary technology) and riders who want to look as good on the bike as they do off it. 

The style is distinct, being an appealing fusion of vintage military cargo pants with motorcycle pants. One thing is for sure, they look a whole lot better than leather riding pants.