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25 streetwear brands with that military-inspired swag in 2019

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14. Uniform Experiment


Is there a label more known for camo than BAPE? The Japanese clothing brand founded by Nigo in Ura-Harajuku began life as a store called ‘Nowhere’.


A Bathing Ape has collaborated with a who’s who of global brands and international artists including many of the brands on this list. Neighborhood, Undfeated, Mastermind, adidias


To its fans, BAPE is more than just a brand. It's an obsession and a subculture of its own. 


The brand is known for its iconic BAPE camo, which the label continues to experiment with.

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adidas started out in a wash room in a small town in Bavaria, Germany before conquering the world. It was way back in 1924 that Adi Dassler registered the “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” and embarked on his mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment.


Adidas went on to become a leading global supplier of athletic equipment but it was until much later in the 1980s, that adidas became a streetwear brand.


When US-based hip hop group Run DMC released “my adidas” it was about telling the truth about working class people in troubled neighborhoods and their love for their sneakers.


adidas itself only found out about this love story when the band held up the 3-Stripes shoes during a concert in front of 40.000 fans – one of these concertgoers was an adidas employee.


This merge of art and sports not only set the everlasting street fashion trend off but also marked the birth of non-athletic promotions in the sporting goods industry.


As the new century started, adidas were the first brand in the sports industry to introduce a new lifestyle segment, focusing on sports-inspired streetwear.


In the years to come, adidas would become a powerhouse in streetwear with collaborations with leading streetwear official brands and collections that often feature military-inspired clothing and camo prints.


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16. Carhartt WIP


Carhartt was originally founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889 in Dearborn, Michigan, to make work clothing for manual workers.

The company began with only two sewing machines and five workers.


Like many businesses, Carhartt downsized due to declining sales in the Great Depression but was revived by the urgent need for uniforms when war broke out.

During World War II, Carhartt manufactured coveralls for soldiers and support personnel, jungle suits for  Pacific-based Marines, and workwear for women entering the factories on the home front.

WIP is the streetwear version of the Carhartt brand. WIP founders immersed themselves in sub-cultures that interested them and then adopted a strategy of pursuing them with marketing activities.

With streetwear heavily influenced by military surplus, it made sense for Carhartt, a former military supplier, to release military-inspired collections under the WIP brand.

Carhartt WIP often collaborates with other streetwear brands including of A Bathing Ape X A.P.C., Comme des Garçons, Vetements, Junya Watanabe Pontus and Neighborhood.

One of our favorites from Carhartt WIP is the classic Nimbus Pullover in camo (top right) a lightweight hooded outdoor jacket. 

Carhartt's SS19 collection (middle above) featured several military-inspired pieces as did the recent FW19 (top left), which was verging on warcore.

17. Huf


HUF's story began in New York in 1980s, when graffiti artist Keith Hufnagel would skate around the city tagging 'HUFONE'.


In 1992, Hufnagel moved to San Francisco to pursue his passion of skateboarding.


He soon turned professional with the opportunity to travel the world funded by skateboarding sponsors.


Wanting to give back to the industry that supported him, Hufgnagel opened a small boutique on an offbeat block of San Francisco's Tenderloin District.


The vision of the small store was to bring together skateboarding, streetwear, and sneaker culture under the one roof.


This small boutique the shop named HUF quickly became the Bay Area's cornucopia of difficult to find goods.


Skateboarding in the 1980s, like rock and hip hop was a counterculture of rebellion whose style was soon to be adopted by the masses. 


Like most popular streetwear brands, Huf is known for collaborations with a long list of brands including Huf x Thrasher, Huf x Penthouse, Huf x FTP Collabs.


Like hip-hop culture and other forms of rebellion, military-inspired apparel is well suited to the themes of struggle and features heavily in Huf’s collections.


One notable collaboration was a military-inspired capsule with United Arrows & Sons in 2017 called the 'Downhill' Capsule (above left).


For Summer 2019, Huf introduced a desert camo capsule (above right).

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18. Haven


Haven operates as both a premium streetwear brand and established retailer of in-demand Japanese and exclusive globally-sourced brands.


Haven’s in-house brand draws style inspiration from the military-aesthetic and a desire to create highly functional wear for the street.


The most recent SS19 drop (top right) was a military-inspired palette with muted tones of black, white, olive, and khaki.


Highlights from the drop include a Combat Jacket inspired by the Canadian Military (OG 107 Combat Coat), the Recon Shirt and the Cordura-based Service Pant.


To see images from that drop click here.


Haven has collaborated with other streetwear brands on military-inspired collections.


In 2018, Haven collaborated with Neighborhood for 'HVNH MIL-SAVAGE' (above left) a heavily military-inspired collection with jackets and cargo pants, both of which feature rough patchwork and military detailing.

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19. Off White

21 savage off white

Off-White is a fashion label founded by American creative designer Virgil Abloh in 2013.


Before Abloh branched out with his new label, he previously built a streetwear kingdom under the name Pyrex Vision.


Incorporated in Italy in 2012, the brand now has 24 independent stores and is carried by stores including Barneys, Selfridges, Harrods and Le Bon Marché.


Manufacturing is based in Milan with a core value of the brand to be made from the best available and particular opinion regarding fabric, fit and fabrication.


The result is to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.


Off-White has shown to be influenced by the military aesthetic having previously released camouflage apparel and military-style jackets like bombers and parkas.


For the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection rapper 21 Savage was brought in to model a series of military-inspired apparel.


In the Off-White Resort 2019 Men’s collection titled “Impressionism,” the line included classic military-inspired elements paired with camouflage patterns.


The military aesthetic remains an influence in its Pre-Spring/Summer 2020 collection (top right).


To check out Off-White's latest collection click here.

20. maharishi

maharishi was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman with the vision to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing.


The Soho London based label utilizes strong natural fibers like hemp, organic cotton and upcycled military clothing.

maharishi's ethos of respect for nature and the latest technologies permeates every collection.


For SS19 (middle and right) the label focused on a military-inspired collection centered around the term ‘MILTYPE’, coined to represent maharishi’s interpretation of the graphic language and typography commonly employed by the world's militaries.


maharishi's SS19’s aims to deconstruct and “shatter” the military aesthetic - with inspiration from Picasso, Bauhaus, and cubism - one of the most influential art movements in the development of military camouflage.


To check out maharishi's most recent collection click here.

21. JUUN.J


Korean designer, JUUN.J worked at many prestigious fashion houses before creating his own label "Lone Costume" in 1999.


Following Seoul Fashion Week, Lone Costume developed a cult following.


It wasn’t until 2007, that JUUN.J debuted his namesake label at Paris Men's Fashion Week.


Juun.J takes a decidedly modern approach to design. His knowledge of classic tailoring enables the designer to deconstruct traditional silhouettes.


Hailing from Korea, a country with military service obligations, JUUN.J looks to challenge perceptions of ‘masculinity’.


He too served in the county’s military service and his collections often feature military elements.


“During my military service, I’ve realized the practicality of uniforms and slowly got interested in the history, which later influenced my collection and still remains,” he told Hypebeast.


JUUN.J is also inspired by youth and street culture and calls his apparel 'Street Tailoring'.


JUUN.J presented a futuristic military aesthetic on the runway at Paris Fashion Week SS20 showcasing an imposing collection with gothic, technical and military influences (top left and middle).

22. Canada goose


It's hard to walk down the street in a place like New York without spotting the iconic red and white North Pole Canada Goose badge.


Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, Canada Goose produces premium outwear for extreme temperatures.


Where Canada Goose differs from most outwear manufacturers is that they keep in line with current street trends and have become a prestigious streetwear staple on cold urban streets.


Like North Face, Canada Goose is a brand focused on producing the highest quality outwear for places like Antarctica yet has been adopted by street culture in cold urban metropolises like New York, Paris and London.


North Face has collaborated with a range of streetwear labels including Vetements, Nike and fellow Canadian Drake’s label OVO (top right).


Korean military-influenced label JUUN.J, collaborated with Canada Goose for the Korean label's FW19 collection.


Historically the military has played an important role in developing apparel of optimum warmth.


Pea coats, parkas, bomber jackets, trench coats, ponchos, and flight jackets all originally hark from the military and regularly feature in Canada Goose’s latest collections.


The brand is also known to experiment with camouflage prints with an impressive array of striking designs featured in the current collection.


To check out the current Canada Goose collections click here.

23. Balr.

BALR. is a Netherlands-based luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2013 by professional football players Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus.

The brand gets its name from the slang term for a great basketball player ‘a baller’, while also being a street term for high rolling.

BALR. has created a complete range of high-quality luxury items designed to inspire people to live a baller’s lifestyle.

The label has had some high-profile collaborations with other luxury lifestyle brands including Rolex, the Italian premium footwear label Mason Garments, airpods, Beats, and even Mini and Kawasaki.

BALR. has had some impressive military-inspired apparel on offer in recent times with some particularly cool camo prints.

For SS18, the label debuted a striking camo collection (top middle), while for AW18 bomber jackets and parkas including in dark camo (left) were a highlight.


The label's most recent AW19 military-inspired outerwear and a classic dark camo print.  

To check out the latest collection from BALR. click here.

24. Mastermind

Launched in 1997, mastermind is a streetwear brand with an air of mystery around it.


Known for its skulls and bones logo, Masaki communicates little about the meaning and inspiration behind his collections, preferring for the design of garments to speak for him.


This secrecy is one of the key reasons mastermind has built a cult following.


mastermind’s skull and crossbones logo has come to symbolize the alternative spirit of the brand and outright rebellion from the conforms of the fashion industry.


While mastermind is not as military-influenced as some brands in this list, the brand aesthetic is one of minimalism, bold dark tones, and striking branding.


Collaborations with some of the biggest names in the streetwear industry have only contributed to the brand’s cult following.


Some notable collaborations include Bape, Dr Martins (top right), adidas, Vans, Timberland, and North Face.


To check out mastermind’s most recent collections click here.

25. The North Face


Like Canada Goose, The North Face is a premium outwear manufacturer who has garnered notoriety in streetwear circles.


The label has capitalized on this with numerous collaborations with streetwear royalty like Bape, Supreme (right), mastermind (left) and a recent collaboration with Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi.


In 2018, The North Face collaborated not once but twice with Supreme on collections (top right) and in 2019 the two labels delivered a new range of gear Spring 2019.


The North Face’s Urban Exploration imprint has historically put its focus on combining technical street style with capable and high-end fabrics and technologies.


The Urban Exploration imprint delivered a military capsule in 2018 featuring black or khaki technical pants, a technical jacket, and a series of bags, packs, and pouches with military-style Molle webbing.